Shape up like a Celeb this Summer

It’s no secret that Power Plate has a long list of celebrity fans who credit their A list bodies to Acceleration Training.

Singing sensation Nicole Scherzinger was pictured last weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix looking fabulous and super toned. In a recent interview, her personal trainer Adam Ernster revealed the secret behind her lean limbs, regular training sessions with her Power Plate.

Adam says, “She’s a huge fan because she always feels the muscles she’s working out. It packs the most intensity into the least amount of time which is what she and I need when she’s on the go. The cool thing about the Power Plate is that you can vary the intensity and make even doing a static move (like squats) feel brutal. For Nicole, it’s not enough for her to work hard; she wants to feel the pain, too!”

Already a keep fit favourite amongst celebrities such as Elle McPherson and Dannii Minogue, the Power Plate accelerates your workout by transferring vibrations through the body causing the muscles to respond multiple times per second.

If you too would like to shape up like the celebs, then the new Power Plate my7 could be the exercise tool for you. It is the first machine to feature an interactive, touch-screen video interface with access to more than 250 progressive full body workouts, drawn from a library of more than 1,000 individual exercise videos.

It is also the first home Power Plate machine to feature proMOTION™ technology, an embedded cable resistance system adding another dimension to your workout. These cables transfer vibrations more effectively, so you can perform a far wider range of dynamic exercises both on and off the platform.

For a limited time only, exclusively at Harrods, you can purchase the my7 model for just £4,245 (RRP £4,995). You’ll also receive a complimentary personal training session at our Power Plate Studio, in Harrods, on the Fifth Floor. There couldn’t be a better way to kick start your summer shape up!


Say Goodbye to that Mum-Tum for Good with Power Plate

With the impending birth of my first baby I thought I’d make my last Power Plate blog (before I go off on maternity leave) about shaping up post-pregnancy. And with many celebrity mums about to go through the same process, such as Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson and Sienna Miller as well as Beyonce and Jennifer Garner who have just given birth, I thought this might be quite topical.

Whilst a new baby brings happiness and joy, it can also comes with an unwanted ‘mummy tummy.’ Secretly we all hope that our stomach muscles will miraculously go back to the way they were pre-pregnancy, but sadly this isn’t always the case.

Unlike our celebrity counterparts, no new mum has hours to spare at the gym, which is why Power Plate can be the ideal solution. In just 25 minutes you can complete a full body work out, making it a time-effective option for busy new mums.

Power Plate has even developed a post-natal programme. Combining the technology of the Power Plate machine with the expertise of Jenny Burrell, a post natal fitness expert with 10 years experience, the programme recognises that time-pressed mums need a fitness regime that reflects their real life demands.

Designed to re-sculpt the body, both inside and out, and placing particular emphasis on rebuilding strength in the deep abdominal muscles that often become over-stretched during pregnancy, Jenny also emphasises the importance of restoring lumbopelvic stability, (balance in and correct length of the pelvic muscles) so mums can stay active and pain free!

So whether you’re about to become a yummy mummy, or you still have some extra weight that you’re struggling to get rid of, why not give Power Plate training a go and say goodbye to that mum-tum for good.

The Power Plate® Post Natal Programme is available at selected Power Plate studios across London. For more information contact 020 7317 5000, or visit www.powerplate.com/uk


Nic Hamilton’s Life in the Fast Lane

Lewis Hamilton has been making headlines in the sports and showbiz pages over the past few years as one of the finest talents in British Formula 1 history.

But if we were him, we’d be watching our backs closely, as hot on his heels in the motor racing driving seat is his very own brother, Nic!

Nic has always dreamt of following in his big brother’s footsteps and this week a special BBC One documentary charted the highs and lows of his first year as part of the TCR team, competing for the AirAsia Renault Clio Cup. His journey has been tough, as not only does he have to deal with the pressures of living up to the family name; but he has an additional physical hurdle to overcome.

That’s because Nic has cerebral palsy, which restricts his leg and hip function. This condition makes something as simple as a gear change challenging. But with the support of his family and friends from the motoring community, he has put himself on track to achieve his goal, by taking up a position on the starting grid at Brands Hatch in early 2011.

Engineers at Maclaren worked their magic helping to adapt his car, whilst Nic concentrated on his own physical fitness to ensure he was in peak condition to compete against a pool of strong drivers.

Our amazing master trainer, Louise Dear was lucky enough to meet and work with Nic late last year, using Power Plate to help improve his flexibility and strength so that he can control the powerful cars that have been specially modified to suit his needs.

Nic says “Using the Power Plate machine allows me to loosen up and mobilise my lower body before race day, recover quickly from the rigours of racing, and prepare for my next race. I enjoy staying active by swimming and hitting the gym, and introducing Acceleration Training into the mix has improved my muscle coordination and balance, which helps to build my confidence in achieving my future racing ambitions.”

We are sure you join us in wishing Nic all the very best for his second season.


Welsh Rugby Team Benefits from Vibration Training Exercise

Players from Welsh Rugby Union team, Senghenydd, are the latest sportsmen to use Power Plate machines as part of their regular fitness regime, at the ActiveVibe Studio in Caerphilly, South Wales.

Rugby is a “tough-as-nails” sport so strength and power is fundamental to ensure that players are in peak condition throughout the season, making the Power Plate machine the obvious choice for training. And as a result, the Senghenydd rugby players now take full advantage of their sessions at the studio.

ActiveVibe offers small group exercise classes on its five Power Plate pro5 machines. And luckily for the team’s coach, Christian Ferris, (who happens to be friends with the owners of ActiveVibe) he and his team have been given the opportunity to incorporate the machines into their training regime.

Christina, one of the owners says “Like many men, Christian was sceptical about the benefits of Power Plate training. But when he tried it, he was astonished that it was possible to get such an intense workout in a short space of time. He immediately recognised the benefits it could offer his players, who are always looking for ways to improve performance both on and off the pitch.”

So from all of us at Power Plate, we wish the boys the best of luck for the rest of the season and will be keeping our eyes peeled at their forthcoming match against Tredegar Ironsides on Saturday 21st January.


Meet this week’s Guest Blogger, Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton

1) What inspired you to become a qualified nutritionist?
I spent a year of my first university course on a scholarship in the deep south of America where the idea of a vegetable is a deep-fried onion ring! Needless to say, I was either going to go with it and come home twice the size or gen up on nutrition and learn how to cook to keep myself in shape. I chose the later and came home a stone lighter. My interest grew from there. The fact that I came from a sporty family and competed at an international level meant that I had a good starting point on the exercise front.

2) Tell us a little bit about your online weight loss program
It’s brilliant! But seriously, it is! I am so proud of it. I’ve consolidated all the weight loss know-how and tools that I’ve used both on myself and in my clinic and retreats for over a decade. For example, it’s the only system I know that adapts menus according to your body statistics to keep you burning fat effectively. In other words, the one-size fits all approach is old news. It is really taking weight loss onto a more intuitive and personalised level. The fact that we have livechat questions and I host frequent webinars means that users can get more of “me” and professional advice than they would in any other scenario. It is also based on healthy principles – you won’t find any crash and burn advice here.

3) What kind of exercise do you recommend in conjunction with your program?
Whatever type suits! Seriously, we have programmes that you can use from “coach to 5k,” “blitz the troublesome bits pilates” or something more aerobic. I get out and about and speak to fitness experts all the time so we have tonnes of good advice.

4) What’s the secret to staying motivated?
I think it helps to see changes of course – we’ve made the weekly weigh in really fun on the system so you can track your journey towards your goal with little footsteps across the screen. Apart from that, support from others is key – especially for women. So, we’ve majored on creating communities too. Having a clear goal in mind helps no matter what.

5) What’s your guilty “food” pleasure?
So many! But seriously, I am normal. I love coffee and a cake, a glass of wine and chocolate. Who doesn’t? I just don’t have too much or if I do I get back on the plan!


Dannii Minogue’s Style and Exercise Secrets Revealed

It has been a while since she we last saw the gorgeous Dannii Minogue in the UK and we really miss her! As much as we love the new panel of X Factor judges, Dannii’s truthful and constructive comments (and her great outfits) were a highlight of past seasons.

The reason she’s been missing from our screens? Dannii has been hard at work in her native Australia, juggling motherhood with her role as judge on Australia’s hit show ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. Luckily for us, she has also put pen to paper, and has just launched her new book ‘My Style,’ in which she shares her fashion wisdom and personal style secrets. It is all beautifully illustrated with stunning photos of the style icon as she dresses to impress.

This must-have style bible helps you learn to love the way you look, by reminding you to focus on ways to accentuate the positive. It covers everything from great hair and glowing skin to the secrets of healthy eating. She also offers style advice with guidance on what to wear for every occasion, dressing for your shape and choosing the right accessories to achieve ‘red carpet glamour’.

We were thrilled to find out that Dannii also mentions her beloved piece of fitness equipment, the Power Plate machine. She says “Before I fell pregnant with Ethan I was a big fan of Power Plate. I used to have 20 minute sessions with an instructor twice a week and found it toned, firmed and reshaped my body fast. It’s the perfect exercise option for anyone who’s time poor.”

So don’t just take our word for it, Dannii Minogue swears by Acceleration Training too. A 20 minute session on a Power Plate machine will give you a full body workout, helping you to achieve your ideal body shape. And, if like Dannii, you’re using the machines after you’ve had a baby, make sure you try a class with an instructor who has completed our specialist post natal course. It teaches trainers how to develop specific programmes for new mothers, to help them get back into shape for their new role as a Mum!


Kids are back at school…Yummy Mummies it’s your time to shine

You’ve dropped your kids off for their first day back at school, you’ve closed the door behind you and what can you hear? Ahhh… the sound of silence!

After six long weeks of entertaining, playing taxi from play date to birthday party, and baking cupcakes, now you can finally unwind and enjoy some ‘me’ time.

Whether it is shopping for a new winter wardrobe, spending time at your local salon for some r ‘n’ r, or getting back to the gym to let off some steam, the world is now your oyster.

Yummy mummies, like the gorgeous Elle Macpherson, set the style at the school gates, in their ‘so-this-season’ leather trousers and sky-scraper stilettos. How does Elle keep it all in balance, from international business woman, to party scene queen and loving mother?

The answer is the Power Plate machine of course! The supermodel, who will always be memorably known as ‘The Body’ was one of the earliest champions of Acceleration Training, because she appreciates the fact that it offers visible results, fast.

So whether you are putting yourself through the paces with our fantastic new my7 in a quick workout at home before the school run, or popping in to your nearest studio (find it here!) on your way back from dropping the kids off, you too can taste a little bit of the yummy mummy lifestyle!


Power Plate Meets Liam Tancock

Photo courtesy of Speedo

With the autumn sports season about to start, we’ve been catching up with some of our Power Plate ambassadors. Champion swimmer Liam Tancock took time out from training and competing to tell us about his recent win at the FINA World Championships and his preparations for London 2012.

Congratulations on retaining your 50m backstroke title at the FINA world championships in Shangahi last month! Thank you!

1. How did it feel to defend your title in such a competitive line up for the final?

It was an amazing feeling becoming World Champion in Rome 2009 and standing on the podium listening to the national anthem. But to retain my title in Shanghai 2011 was just incredible. It’s something that hasn’t been done by a British swimmer in 30+ years and this is the fourth Consecutive World Championship that I have been on the podium.

2. What’s next – what competitions are you preparing for and is it a steady competitive climb to 2012?

I just had a nice three week break after the World Championships. Now the road to London begins. My next big competition will be the Olympic Trials, which will be held in the Aquatics Centre in London next March. I will also have some smaller competitions in and around Europe before then.

3. How do you recover from such high intensity training sessions to ensure you are prepared for your next performance?

After a High Intensity training session, whether it’s in the pool or gym I would stretch using the Power Plate machine. I found that I got the best results by using it and it helped me to recover more quickly, ready for my next session.

4. Typically what’s your diet like and do you have any food vices?

I try to eat healthily, and get my five servings of fruit and vegetables each a day. I always eat as soon after training and racing as possible, to help me recover for my next session or race.

5. What’s the best piece of training advice you have ever been given?

Listen to the people that surround you, including your coaches, parents and friends. They will all have a lot of useful advice. Then you can pick the best bits that suit you.
Also my best advice would be to have fun!


Sinitta’s Power Plate Rehab

A few months ago we were shocked to hear that our favourite X Factor assistant mentor, Sinitta, was seriously ill after having a large tumour removed from her stomach.

After the operation she became so weak that she tripped and broke her ankle, which also required surgery. Sinitta then became confined to a wheelchair, losing all the strength in her upper and lower body.

However…knowing that the queen of risqué outfits has been a long term fan of Power Plate training, we stepped in to help her re-build her strength and muscle tone so that she would be fighting fit in no time.

Knowing that Sinitta has various projects coming up, we arranged for the pro6 model to be installed in her home. She trains once a week with a Power Plate master trainer but uses her machine up to five times a week.

The vibrating plate which has integrated cable-resistance technology was used to start building her upper body and core strength, and eventually, she was able to start working on her legs.

We are pleased to say that she is now up and walking about without the use of her crutches, so we can now look forward to seeing Simon Cowell’s sidekick back on our TV screens.

Sinitta says “Having suffered some health setbacks earlier this year, I was keen to continue using the Power Plate machine, as it has been a staple part of my fitness regime.  Acceleration Training was key to the rehabilitation of the muscles and ligaments in my legs, as well as maintaining upper body strength, flexibility, core stability and posture.  The cables on my new pro6 machine have been a revelation as I can utilise my upper body far more for the cardio element of my workout while my ankle is in recovery.”


Cindy Crawford – Still fabulous in her 40′s!

For those of you who are not feeling so fabulous in your 40’s, why not take some time to step into Cindy Crawford’s shoes? Or at least take some of her advice.

Yes, it may seem like her body defies gravity, but the lady herself attributes her famous curves to living a healthy lifestyle, exercise and most importantly her Power Plate machine!

In recent weeks she has been tweeting and posting photos of herself on the vibrating machine and says that it’s great for core stability.

She says “My husband and I recently got a Power Plate. You can do the same exercises you would do when not on the Power Plate but when you’re on the Power Plate it’s vibrating so you have to work your core a little bit more. We mix that into our workout.”

To see what else Cindy does to keep fit, watch the full interview here.

However, if you feel a little intimidated about going to the gym then why not click here to find your nearest dedicated Power Plate studio?

With a maximum of four to five machines you will be able to benefit from one-to-one training, and with just three sessions a week, you should start to see results in as little as six weeks.

Or better still, like Cindy and her husband, you could invest in one of the smaller home machines. The my3™ and my5™ models will fit perfectly into any home, so you can enjoy the benefits of working out in the comfort of your own home.

Either way, there is no excuse not to feel and look your best, no matter what your age.