Welsh Rugby Team Benefits from Vibration Training Exercise

Players from Welsh Rugby Union team, Senghenydd, are the latest sportsmen to use Power Plate machines as part of their regular fitness regime, at the ActiveVibe Studio in Caerphilly, South Wales.

Rugby is a “tough-as-nails” sport so strength and power is fundamental to ensure that players are in peak condition throughout the season, making the Power Plate machine the obvious choice for training. And as a result, the Senghenydd rugby players now take full advantage of their sessions at the studio.

ActiveVibe offers small group exercise classes on its five Power Plate pro5 machines. And luckily for the team’s coach, Christian Ferris, (who happens to be friends with the owners of ActiveVibe) he and his team have been given the opportunity to incorporate the machines into their training regime.

Christina, one of the owners says “Like many men, Christian was sceptical about the benefits of Power Plate training. But when he tried it, he was astonished that it was possible to get such an intense workout in a short space of time. He immediately recognised the benefits it could offer his players, who are always looking for ways to improve performance both on and off the pitch.”

So from all of us at Power Plate, we wish the boys the best of luck for the rest of the season and will be keeping our eyes peeled at their forthcoming match against Tredegar Ironsides on Saturday 21st January.


Vibes New Age Fitness

Vibes New Age Fitness is a brand new Power Plate studio in Viera, Fl., that specializes in personal training using whole body vibration. Founded by Moshe and Rhonda Almog in 2011, the facility is dedicated to help clients reach and maintain their goals through Power Plate training and other state-of-the-art technology.

Moshe Almog trained on the Power Plate machine for five years while living in Europe. When he came to the United States, he was both shocked and disappointed that the fitness industry was so behind in utilizing whole body vibration as the most effective training modality of the 21st Century. He and his wife, Rhonda Almog, founded Vibes New Age Fitness four months ago with three pro6’s and one pro5.

Since opening the studio, the Almog’s have more than 65 clients and have seen people from all walks of benefit from Power Plate training. They offer continuous monitoring in order to give their clients the personal attention and encouragement they need to attain their fitness goals. Along with Power Plate training, Vibes New Age Fitness offers Body Bugg and Infra-Red Sauna.

Read some incredible Vibe’s New Age Fitness client testimonials here.

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Featured Facility: Vibe Fit Club

Vibe Fit Club is a unique fitness and wellness studio in central Florida that focuses on Acceleration Training™ and a signature fat loss program to create an “anti-gym” atmosphere. With two locations in Tampa and Oldsmar, Fl, Vibe Fit Club has more than 200 clients.

Since the addition of the five pro6 and five pro5 machines in its studios, Vibe Fit Club has been able to create a concept that solves a real problem in their community: stored fat. The experienced trainers attack fat from three angles and specifically pin point why people retain excess fat. Through personal training, semi-private sessions, group classes, neuromuscular reconditioning rehabilitation sessions for chiropractic decompression patients and a comprehensive, physician supervised fat loss program, Vibe Fit Club offers programs that supersede in all areas.

Vibe Club Fitness prides itself on having built a knowledgeable, qualified staff of trainers. The club’s trainers have built credibility by staying on the forefront of fitness and participating in the same programs they lead.

To learn more about Vibe Fit Club, click here.


Balance Point Fitness

Balance Point Fitness is an intimate studio in Centennial, CO, where Power Plate is the core of its training programs. Equipped with six pro5 machines, Balance Point offers personalized fitness and weight management programs, including an eCoach personal training system, to more than 130 clients.

The Balance Point Fitness team uses effective integration of unique vibration training programs, support, technology and environment to help each of their clients reach their individual goals. Qualified trainers provide unique programs in performance and fitness, health and wellness, and active aging and appearance through group classes and personal training.

In addition to personalized attention from expert trainers, Balance Point Fitness offers its clients an eCoach personal training system and online meal planning. For more information on Balance Point Fitness, click here.


Featured Facility: Streamline Vibrations

Streamline Vibrations Power Plate Training Studio and Wellness Center is a 600 sq ft state-of-the-art personal training facility in Aventura, Fl, equipped with seven Power Plate machines. The studio’s owners, Gene and Sandra, are long-time certified personal trainers and Power Plate instructors. The team at Streamline prides itself on being qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and caring for the individual needs of every person that enters their studio. Now approaching its three-year anniversary, Streamline Vibrations has helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals.

Gene was first introduced to the Power Plate by a client who had heard of the benefits of Vibration Technology. He researched the Power Plate online and liked the philosophy and technology behind the machines. Gene’s wife, Sandra, began taking Power Plate classes and experienced first-hand the benefits of this total-body workout. The two became passionate about the product and became Academy I and Academy II Advanced certified on the Power Plate. They turned their passion into a business and founded Streamline Vibrations.

Gene has been a trainer for more than 20 years and, with the addition of Power Plate training, has expanded his business and enhanced his overall skills and knowledge in the industry. He believes that training clients on the Power Plate takes their fitness to a whole new level. Instead of focusing solely on weight-loss, Streamline Vibrations trainers emphasize the larger benefits Power Plate workouts give clients, such as increased stability and core strength. Under the team’s careful and intense training on the Power Plate, Streamline Vibration clients have corrected problems such as bad back and hip alignment and clients with osteoporosis have seen a significant increase in bone density.

Streamline Vibrations offers personal training, semi-private sessions and group classes on the Power Plate.

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