Could watercress be the key to exercise injury prevention?

The benefits of regular exercise are well documented, but the effects of intense training can often take their toll on your body, leaving you with niggling injuries and feeling fatigued.

Highly energetic exercise increases the demand on our body to produce energy to sustain activity. This increased demand can create a build-up of free radicals which may damage our DNA and contribute to ageing. New research by scientists at Edinburgh Napier University and Ulster University has found that watercress can help to prevent DNA damage caused by intense bouts of exercise.

Dr Mark Fogarty, from Edinburgh Napier’s School of Life, Sport and Social Sciences says, “Although we are all aware of how good exercise can be for our bodies, pounding the treadmill, lifting weights, or doing high levels of training can take its toll. What we’ve found is that consuming a relatively small amount of watercress each day can help raise the levels of important antioxidant vitamins which may help to protect our bodies, and allow us to enjoy the rewards of keeping fit.”

For eight weeks, ten healthy men, were given 85 grams of watercress and asked to participate in high level exercise on the treadmill. The results were then compared to an eight-week study that was conducted without watercress consumption. Findings indicate that participants who had taken part in intensive exercise, but had not consumed watercress, were found to have more DNA damage than those who had consumed watercress.

Additionally, the effect of eating watercress was not reliant on an accumulative build-up in our bodies, those that ate the vegetable just two hours before exercise experienced the same benefits as those who had consumed the vegetable for eight weeks.

In order to help our bodies prepare for the increased demand of intense training, it’s vitally important to warm up and cool down after each session and make sure that your body has enough time to recover.

Power Plate is an excellent tool to help you warm up and cool down and it’s also perfect for injury rehabilitation. Vibration training helps to increase your flexibility by allowing your muscles to contract and relax multiple times a second, increasing the blood circulation to your joints and muscles to enhance stretches and prevent injury.

Check out Power TV for all the latest Power Plate warm up and cool down exercises as well as new stretches and exercise programmes.


Exercise of the week!Dynamic lunge with stability ball

This integrated version of the lunge will challenge your stability and strength.


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Come and join Power Plate at this year’s Leisure Industry Week and be one of the first to experience the brand new pro7

Now the wait is over and we are thrilled to be officially launching the brand new Power Plate pro7 machine at Leisure Industry Week (LIW) from 18-20 September 2012 at the NEC, Birmingham.

The pro7 is the first commercially available Power Plate machine to offer integrated video coaching with embedded proMOTION™ technology. Boasting the very latest in touch-screen technology, the machine comes with more than 1,000 exercise videos and 250 progressive full-body workouts to follow.

So why not come and visit the friendly Power Plate team on stand H270 and be one of the first to try this incredibly exciting and innovative addition to the Power Plate range.
In addition, you can also find out how it can be used to retain existing and attract new members, as well as being a great way to generate additional revenue.

You can also sample our great new training concepts, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. On booking your class, you will be entered automatically into a prize draw to win a year’s Power Up training at your facility!

Spaces are limited for each class and bookings will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis so don’t wait around.

To secure your place, please call Stephen Powell on 07920 862265 or email your full name, company/ facility name, contact mobile and date and time of your preferred class to:

To find out more about LIW and register for free online, please visit .We look forward to seeing you there.

LIW Class timetable
Time Day one: 18th September 2012
11.00 Post-natal core
12.00 Bootylicious
13.00 Power Plate and ViPR drills
14.00 Post-natal core
15.00 Tri Fit
16.00 Power Combo

Time Day two: 19th September 2012
11.00 Power Plate boxing for fitness with Hatton Academy
12.00 Bootylicious
13.00 Power Plate and ViPR drills
14.00 Thump Boxing
15.00 Tri Fit
16.00 Power Combo

Time Day three: 20th September 2012
11.00 Bootylicious
12.00 Power Combo
13.00 Power Plate and ViPR drills
14.00 Tri Fit
15.00 Integrate to accelerate


Exercise of the week: Pike with Stability ball

Attack your core with this great exercise incorporating the stability ball.


Get Fit and Turn your Life Around

It’s no secret that regular exercise can help you to lead a longer and healthier life. In fact, regular exercise not only helps you to trim and tone, but it also helps you to avoid illness and in some cases, even prolong your life.

Here at Power Plate, we’re lucky enough to work with 33 year old Cystic Fibrosis sufferer, Kate Smith from London. Kate was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of four and since her diagnosis, she and her parents have done all that they can to ease her condition and suffering.

Cystic Fibrosis is one of the UK’s most common life-threatening diseases. It’s caused by a faulty gene that controls the movement of salt and water in and out of the body. The condition affects the internal organs, especially the lungs and digestive system, by clogging them with sticky mucus making it difficult to breath, digest food and making sufferers more prone to infections and illness.

It is well documented that exercise is one of the best methods to shift the mucus which clogs up the lungs, so from an early age Kate has thrown herself into exercise and tried to lead a healthy and active life. As part of her regular exercise regime, Kate trains on her Power Plate, which she believes is a vital tool – helping her to keep active and well. “As I hold poses on the Power Plate, the vibration makes muscles contract and relax helping to clear mucus from my body,” she explains. “My lung function has increased and it’s a huge boost to feel my body getting stronger.”

At 29, Kate was given a life expectancy of just 31, but Kate has defied this two-year life expectancy and is now 33, working full-time with young offenders as a Treatment Manager. Kate admits that fitting exercise around a busy job can often be difficult, but according to her, it’s definitely worthwhile: “Being able to use my Power Plate just a couple of times a day is fantastic for my health. Even when I’m really tired, I can do gentle exercise on it, so it’s perfect if i feel ill and the thought of a jog is too daunting. It’s a great cardio workout that vibrates my lungs and keeps my bum in shape too! Since I’ve had it I haven’t been admitted to hospital at all.”

As well as working full-time, Kate also raises funds for Cystic Fibrosis. If you would like to help her to continue her fantastic work, please visit You can also read Kate’s inspiring story in the Prima Summer Special, on shelves now.


Exercise of the week! Dynamic V-sit with Pilates Ring

This challenging and advanced core exercise on a Power Plate machine is sure to get your abs burning.


The London 2012 Paralympic Games have commenced

Last night saw the spectacular opening ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic games marking the beginning of an extraordinary 11 days of sporting action. The dazzling show entitled ‘Enlightenment’, produced by Jenny Sealey and Bradley Hemmings, was watched around the world and entertained a 62,000 strong stadium audience.

A record 4,200 paralympians from an estimated 166 nations are taking part in the fourteenth Paralympic Games – between 29th August and the 9th September.

As the buzz around the Games continues, the London 2012 Paralympic Games are expected to be the largest and most commercially successful Paralympics ever. Following on from the Summer Olympics – the growing interest in Paralympic sport worldwide contributed to a significantly higher demand for tickets to the Games than in previous years, breaking sales records!

The Games also mark the return of the Paralympic movement to its birthplace. The British village of Stoke Mandeville first hosted the Stoke Mandeville Games, an athletics event for British World War Two veterans, to coincide with the opening of the 1948 Summer Olympics in London. The Stoke Mandeville Games was the first ever organised sporting event for disabled people and served as a precursor to the modern Paralympic Games.

Power Plate is very proud to have supplied this year’s participating Paralympians with IFI (Inclusive Federation Initiative) stage two accredited machines to help facilitate their training and preparation for events. The Inclusive Federation Initiative is a programme that encourages the UK fitness industry to become more inclusive, catering for the needs of people with disabilities.

The Power Plate pro6i™ with proMOTION™ technology is the latest model to achieve this Stage two accreditation. Through the incorporation of its proMOTION cable resistance system, disabled users can use the platform independently to perform a wide range of dynamic exercises, benefiting from the vibrations even when they are not on the platform.

As well as being a beneficial form of exercise for disabled users, Acceleration Training on a Power Plate machine is often prescribed by healthcare professionals as part of a wider treatment for individuals suffering from conditions such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes.

So as the world comes together to witness the extraordinary achievements of the Paralympians, we will be cheering on Team GB and hoping for yet more Olympic Golds!


Exercise of the week! Med Ball Slam

This explosive vibration training exercise will target both your upper and lower body.


Keep active to reduce the risk of Diabetes

A new study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine Journal has found that the more exercise men do, the less at risk they are from developing Type Two Diabetes.

Researchers focused their study on more than 32,000 men and found that regular weight-training – 30 minutes a day, five times a week – reduces the risk of developing diabetes by up to a third. If weight training isn’t for you, the study also found that even less regular exercise – up to an hour a week – still had an impact, cutting the risk of developing the disease by 12%.

Regular aerobic exercise was found to be slightly better with regular activity halving the risk. For those who want to eliminate the risk of developing diabetes as much as possible; combining aerobic exercise with weight-training was seen to have the greatest effect; reducing the risk up to 59%.

Although it is already well-known that regular exercise can prevent the risk of developing diabetes, the report’s insight into the positive effects of weight-training will come as welcome news to those with mobility issues.

“Many people have difficulty engaging in or adhering to aerobic exercise,” says Anders Grontved, lead author of the study. “These new results suggest that weight-training, to a large extent, can serve as an alternative.”

Power Plate® training could also help to reduce the risk of diabetes. A study produced by the European Journal of Obesity in 2010 reported that Whole Body Vibration Training can help to reduce visceral fat round the mid section; which is often an early indicator of diabetes.

So whether it’s vibration training, weight-lifting or running that gets you going; now there’s an even better reason to keep fit and stay healthy.