Exercise of the Week! Plank with Opposite Knee to Elbow Weighted Reach

This core stabilizing exercise incorporates mass and whole body vibration on the Power Plate machine to provide an added challenge.


The elderly power up

Think Power Plate is just for the young and fit? Think again. A care scheme for the elderly in Evesham Worcestershire has turned to Power Plate to help its residents stay active and mobile.

In 2010, a Power Plate pro5™ machine was installed at Yates Court, a scheme owned by Extracare Charitable Trust and now, around one third of its residents are using it regularly.

Yates Court Wellbeing Nurse, Tessa McDonald, recognised the benefits of Power Plate after it helped with her daughter’s rehabilitation following an accident. Since installing the pro5, there have been similar success stories at Yates Court, with one wheelchair-bound patient now being able to walk short distances after regular sessions on the vibration training device.

Power Plate technology is suitable for all levels of ability and can therefore benefit any care scheme resident – whether they are able to use the machine independently, or need assistance from trained staff.
Such success stories further support scientific studies which focus on improving Balance and Mobility.
These studies have found that whole body vibration training can help with postural control in healthy older adults; making this an effective and accessible option for nursing home residents.


Exercise Programme of the Week! Basketball Workout

Want to improve your performance on the basket ball court? Try these Power Plate exercises and you could become a pro in no time!


Power Plate launches Power TV!

We’re delighted to introduce you all to the launch of Power TV!

We’ve been very busy recently at Power Plate HQ, working hard to develop Power TV, the ultimate online portal for exclusive Power Plate exercise videos. It’s the most comprehensive source of video training, education, workouts, product and testimonials to date.

This exclusive television channel gives you access to more than 90 video workouts, weekly programme uploads and a host of training tips from professionals at the touch of a button.

Designed to educate, enlighten and inspire, PowerTV videos are ready to take your Power Plate experience to a whole new level with a searchable database, full-length programmes and training tips that will keep you moving toward your goals. It’s never been easier to use your Power Plate machine or discover the benefits of whole body vibration.

Follow this link and discover the benefits of Power TV, we also welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve – so don’t be shy let us know your thoughts.



Get into the Olympic spirit with Power Plate’s new Tri-fit class

With only six days to go until the Olympics, here at Power Plate we’re very excited to take our seats and watch this momentous sporting event unfold this summer!

To help you get into the Olympic spirit, Power Plate has devised a special Olympic-inspired fitness class called Tri-fit. Tri-fit has been developed to showcase the exercise elements that support a typical triathlon: swimming, running and cycling. This dynamic and energetic conditioning class lasts for just 25 minutes and incorporates sport-specific training moves that benefit the upper and lower body muscles during every transition.

Tri-fit is the perfect class to prepare you for this endurance event. It was inspired by some of Power Plate’s biggest sporting fans including Chemmy Alcott, Britain’s Leading Olympic Ski Racer, four-time World Champion Cyclist, Sarah Hammer and Melanie Ryding, a GB triathlete who says of our new class, “I like the fact that Power Plate has a triathlon-specific workout. Despite the workout being short and seemingly easy, I come away feeling serious muscle ache every time. I look forward to seeing what long-term benefits it brings.”

Tri-fit is available for trial at the Power Plate Academy and the Harrods studio in London – see for further details. And remember, whether you swim, run or cycle, we hope you feel inspired to take up a sport for fun this summer.

Enjoy the games!


Exercise Programme of the week! Tennis Conditioning

With Wimbledon kicking off this week, we have the perfect Power Plate program for you. Developed by performance specialists at IMG Academies, these conditioning exercises will help you improve your Tennis game.



Exercise Programme of the week! The Balance Challenge

Are you looking for power and balance for your summer sports? Try these 5 exercises to get yourself ready to tackle any sport that requires strong balance skills.


Exercise Programme of the Week! Football Workout

With Euro 2012 set to start this week, why not try the Power Plate football workout to get you match ready!


A Minute on the Lips, a Lifetime on the Hips?

According to new research by Oxford University, our bodies break down fat a lot quicker than previously thought. In fact, once eaten, fat can be stored on the waist line within hours and those who tuck in at dinner time or snack late at night are particularly likely to store excess fat around the middle.

The average person can add the equivalent of two to three teaspoons of fat to their waistline in a matter of three to four of hours after eating. Eating again shortly after a big meal will increase the amount of fat stored around your midriff, and see your waistline grow and grow.

It had previously been thought that weight gain is gradual and that fat from the foods we eat is transported from the gut into the blood, where it is used by the muscles as needed. Any excess fat was thought to be slowly removed and stored in the fatty, or adipose, tissue around the waist, hips and legs.

But in a recent experiment conducted by Oxford University, volunteers ate fat which could be traced around the body. The study found that fat was broken down in roughly an hour by the gut and then would enter the blood stream as tiny droplets. These droplets were then whisked around the body before they were ‘caught’ and stored. Fredrik Karpe, professor of metabolic medicine, says, ‘The cells in the adipose tissue around the waist catch the fat droplets as the blood carries them and incorporates them into the cells for storage’.

Only a small amount of the fat found in breakfast takes this route, but by dinner, the amount rises to half. This is due to hormonal changes that occur later in the day which make it easier for the waistline to trap passing fat droplets.

This storage system is temporary, but when we overeat the constant accumulation of fat around the middle can lead to weight gain and fat settling around the middle which is particularly harmful and could take years off your life.

As always, exercise is key and the secret to a long and healthy life is as simple as keeping fat away from your waistline and protecting the body’s vital organs. To keep your tummy trim, look no further than your Power Plate. A simple combination of the side plank, the V Sit and Woodchops using the Power Plate Pro6 could be the perfect addition to your current healthy diet and exercise regime, to help keep you in shape to show off your abs this summer!

In fact, a study on obese people found that regular use of the Power Plate machine, in combination with a calorie-controlled diet actually helped them to not only lose adipose fat, but also keep it off for longer, when compared to diet alone, or diet and traditional exercise. Find out more here.

For more information on Power Plate programmes which will specifically work your abs, please see or watch our Rodial Tummy Tuck Programme here.


Exercise Programme of the Week! The Power Plate and ViPR workout

Maste trainer, Louise Dear uses Power Plate® in conjunction with ViPR™ in a circuit workout. This circuit uses ViPR to add additional load into the body in 3 PLANES OF MOTION, which allows for authentic integrated movement of the entire body. Our bodies need to move in 3 dimensions for joint health, to prevent injury and to be efficient and effective in all tasks from daily living to sport.