The elderly power up

Think Power Plate is just for the young and fit? Think again. A care scheme for the elderly in Evesham Worcestershire has turned to Power Plate to help its residents stay active and mobile.

In 2010, a Power Plate pro5™ machine was installed at Yates Court, a scheme owned by Extracare Charitable Trust and now, around one third of its residents are using it regularly.

Yates Court Wellbeing Nurse, Tessa McDonald, recognised the benefits of Power Plate after it helped with her daughter’s rehabilitation following an accident. Since installing the pro5, there have been similar success stories at Yates Court, with one wheelchair-bound patient now being able to walk short distances after regular sessions on the vibration training device.

Power Plate technology is suitable for all levels of ability and can therefore benefit any care scheme resident – whether they are able to use the machine independently, or need assistance from trained staff.
Such success stories further support scientific studies which focus on improving Balance and Mobility.
These studies have found that whole body vibration training can help with postural control in healthy older adults; making this an effective and accessible option for nursing home residents.


Exercise Programme of the week! Tennis Conditioning

With Wimbledon kicking off this week, we have the perfect Power Plate program for you. Developed by performance specialists at IMG Academies, these conditioning exercises will help you improve your Tennis game.



Exercise Programme of the week! The Balance Challenge

Are you looking for power and balance for your summer sports? Try these 5 exercises to get yourself ready to tackle any sport that requires strong balance skills.


Train like the elite

Emotions are high as football fever is upon us and we take our seats to watch 16 nations battle it out in the 14th European Championship football tournament; also known as Euro 2012!

The tournament, now under way at venues in host nations Poland and Ukraine, runs until 1st July; and with the winning team gaining automatic entry to the 2013 UEFA Confederations Cup hosted by Brazil, not to mention the pride of their country, there really is everything to play for.

Here at Power Plate we’re delighted that some of the international football stars competing in Euro 2012 used Power Plate to help get in shape for this much-anticipated tournament.

Striker Johan Elmander is representing his home country Sweden in the tournament, but also plays for Turkish club Galatasaray FC along with fellow team mates Emmanuel Eboue and Selcuk Sahin. You may have seen the Galatasary team being put through their paces in some photos on our Facebook page recently. A bit closer to home, premiership clubs Everton, Chelsea and Manchester City are all known to use Acceleration Training to power up their training schedules.

What are the benefits of Power Plate training for these elite athletes? Research has indicated that it has the potential to improve muscle strength and power amongst elite athletes, as well as increasing endurance levels, which can all help optimize performance on the field.

So if you want to follow in the footsteps of these sports super stars, find your closest Power Plate studio and discover the difference for yourself.


From Personal Trainer to Master Trainer

Guest blogger: We caught up with Power Plate Master Trainer Louise Dear for an insight into what it takes for Personal Trainers to become Power Plate Master Trainers.

Tell us about why you visited Madrid on behalf of Power Plate this month?

I went to train 15 of the best personal trainers from Holmes Place health and fitness clubs. These 15 committed individuals were chosen to become Power Plate Master Trainers and Ambassadors in Iberia. They all brought with them huge amounts of knowledge and displayed a high level of professionalism and passion for the job. It was great to work with such a dynamic group of professional trainers – they were all in great shape too!

As I love travelling, getting to do so for work and meet truly dedicated fitness professionals from other countries, is a real bonus. My colleague Steve Powell (Key Account Manager), also visited Portugal this month to set up and facilitate the same training for a group of Master Trainers there, and reports that he was also impressed with the same enthusiasm for his training course.

Can you tell us what it takes to qualify to become a Master Trainer and Ambassador for Power Plate?

Power Plate Master Trainers take part in a thorough training process which equips them with the skills and knowledge to present the Level 1 Fundamentals course to fellow Personal Trainers across Iberia. This comprehensive training ensures that the members of Holmes Place health clubs get the best possible experience on Power Plate from fully qualified fitness professionals who really know their stuff.
During the training week, each potential Master Trainer had to demonstrate to us that they could present both theory and practical Power Plate course content. They also stay in touch with us via Skype and webex afterwards, so we can continue to ensure high standards and consistency in the delivery of education.

And what’s the next step for these Master Trainers and what can Spain and Portugal expect from Power Plate?

Now that these new Master Trainers have passed the grade, they are able to certify their own trainers internally, thus sharing a high standard of education and teaching across Iberia for Holmes Place.
As a fitness brand, Holmes Place are authorised by the government as the preferred fitness provider, and their trainers are entrusted to maintain an incredibly high standard within their clubs.

Many of the Personal Trainers have already been working with the Power Plate pro5 for years, and so they were excited to see the pro6 with proMOTION™ technology arrive in their clubs. As you can see from the videos and photos, they loved the dynamic cables as it gives them so many more exercise options to add to their clients’ repertoire. The cables provide the ability to move in three planes of motion whilst also working the upper body dynamically with vibration. To promote the arrival of the pro6, Holmes Place will be running 10-15 min ‘IMPACT’ classes called POWERVIBE to showcase the new machines to the members.

Take a look at some of the innovative and dynamic range of exercises our Spanish and Portugal trainers performed on the Power Plate machines here. Will you try any yourself?


Exercise Programme of the Week! Booty Blaster

Whether you call it the bum, booty, glutes or just butt we are all obsessed with this highly functional and form affecting body part! Follow this routine designed by Miami Power Plate super-trainer Syvie Patrick and get your rear in high gear, fast!


Strength training and weight loss

The obesity rates in Britain continue to soar at a worrying rate – according to a 2007 Government report, if no action is taken, by 2050 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children will be obese. These are pretty unsettling figures, especially as rising obesity rates continue to place a strain on NHS resources.

So despite Government warnings that we are turning into a nation of couch potatoes and risking obesity-related illnesses such as heart disease and cancer, our waistlines keep growing. But what can be done to tackle the obesity health crisis and are the solutions simple? Our own Phillip Nourse, Power Plate Master Trainer, has contributed his thoughts to a recent article in Fitpro, the respected trade publication for fitness professionals on this very topic.

This month’s issue included an interesting article, discussing recommendations made by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) about weight loss programmes for obese individuals. Their guidelines recommend incorporating 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week (and ideally five times a week). Additionally, there may be benefits in progressively increasing exercise to a total of 200-300 minutes per week. Individuals should be performing at a minimum of 60% of their maximum heart rate.

Phillip is quoted in the article, saying: “A key factor though that these guidelines do not address is the importance of strength training for the safety of weight loss targeted exercise programmes. While appreciating that high impact exercise may have the potential to place undue stress upon joints and connective tissue in an excessively heavy person, strength training is important in improving stabilization around these joints. In a sense, it is the strength training that is the mortar which holds the body stable, and which eventually permits more intense forms of exercise with their associated higher demands.”

He also says: “As your fitness levels progress with time so the duration and frequency of your exercises should slowly increase too. Furthermore, as fitness improves and weight reduces, the other more vigorous exercise options may be able to be used.”

Strength training is the foundation of any Power Plate exercise programme – designed to assist in achieving healthy and safe weight loss, by encouraging the development of lean muscle mass. There’s plenty of research to back up that, when used as part of a weight management programme and in conjunction with physical training, the Power Plate machine can actually help you shape up faster than normal exercise alone.

Visit our Plate Locator for your nearest Power Plate centre.


Join Power Plate as we’re back at the Grand Designs Live in London!

Yes we’re back again and raring to go at this year’s eagerly anticipated Grand Designs Live at London’s Excel Centre, from Saturday 5th until Sunday 13th May!

We always look forward to meeting you all so be sure to come and visit us on stand L184 in the Technology Zone and discover the latest technological advance in home fitness – the Power Plate my7 machine.

This is the first Power Plate machine to feature an interactive, touch-screen video interface with access to more than 250 progressive full body workouts, drawn from a library of more than 1,000 individual exercise videos.

It is also the first home Power Plate machine to feature proMOTION™ technology, an embedded cable resistance system adding another dimension to your workout. These cables transfer vibrations more effectively, so you can perform a far wider range of dynamic exercises both on and off the platform.

With the ability to create individual user profiles, which record your workout progression and favourite exercises, the whole family can use the my7 machine to achieve their personal fitness goals.

Taking up about as much space as an armchair, the my7 model will fit easily into your home and your lifestyle. With the integration of proMOTION technology, it also eliminates the need for additional resistance training equipment, making this quite possibly the only piece of home fitness equipment you will ever need to own. But don’t just take out word for it, why not drop by to try it for yourself.

We always look forward to Grand Designs, and with exciting new *finance options now available across our entire range, at terms of up to three years, (0% APR representative), this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to own your own genuine Power Plate machine!

So if you’ll be at Grand Designs, do pop by and say hello to the friendly Power Plate team on stand L184, for a free demonstration, tips and advice… if you ask nicely, they may even give you a quick leg massage on the Power Plate machine, to ease those aching legs after a day spent exploring the show! We look forward to seeing you.

* Finance is available subject to credit and status and terms and conditions apply


Power Plate and Rodial collaborate to bring you the ultimate “Summer Sculpt” Program

To get your 2012 bikini body off to a great start, Power Plate has teamed up with award winning skincare brand Rodial to create the perfect beach body preparation package.

Already acknowledged as weapons in the fight against cellulite, both brands are supported by research and work on the same targeted principle, with the goal of achieving a smoother, sleeker silhouette.

The “Summer Sculpt” program which has been developed by Power Plate combines a full body Acceleration Training™ class with Rodial’s body care range, to offer long-lasting results in record time.

The 25 minute Power Plate “Summer Sculpt” classes include a series of high intensity, dynamic exercises to give you a full body work-out, combined with a five minute regime specifically designed to focus on the common problem areas of arms, bust or tummy. Results can be enhanced further by combining your Acceleration Training sessions with an active Rodial skincare regime using body products every morning and evening to help redefine your figure.

So if your bust needs a boost, why not add a little lift to your décolletage with Rodial’s targeted Boob Job cream which, if applied daily, could help increase bust by up to half a cup size over time. Or perhaps it’s the troublesome tummy you want to shape up? You could try Rodial’s best seller, Tummy Tuck to help tighten your torso. If it’s the dreaded bingo wings that need to be banished, opt for Arm Sculpt to help smooth away orange-peel skin.

To unwrap your perfect bikini body with confidence this summer, try the combination of Rodial body sculpting products and regular Power Plate exercise.

Power Plate Summer Sculpt classes are available at selected studios in London from April 2012. For more information contact Power Plate on 0207 317 5000 or visit
Rodial products are available from


Power Plate Takes Its Place amongst the Coolest Brands in Britain

It’s official – Power Plate is one of the coolest brands in Britain. How do we know?  Both an expert panel and a public vote said so.

This week is the official launch for the CoolBrand® 2011/12 program, and we are excited to be joining the likes of Apple, Ducati, Perrier-Jouët and Xbox, all of who are fellow members.

It’s a huge honour to be voted a CoolBrand, because brands don’t pay or apply to be considered. Instead an independent and voluntary Expert Council comes up with a list of brands they believe embody the values of a CoolBrand – style, innovation, originality, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness.

The lowest scoring brands are then eliminated, before the list is subject to public scrutiny – a nationally-representative group of more than 2,100 UK consumers are asked for their thoughts.

The opinions of both the Expert Council and the public weight are combined, with the top 500 brands being awarded CoolBrand status.

To see our dedicated page on the CoolBrand website, just visit here: