Power Plate Hero in the USA Basketball Team

Could USA Basketball player Chauncey Billups owe his impressive technique and flexibility to the power of the vibration plate? The NBA team member also known as ‘Mr Big Shot’ gave a remarkable performance during the recent FIBA World Basketball Championship final against Turkey.

The successful American basketball player has been undertaking acceleration training on a Power Plate vibration trainer to beat the competititor to the basket. Check out his Power Plate workouts for yourself….

HUGE congratulations to the USA Basketball team for their victorious win in Istanbul. After a 16 year gap, they now hold the World Championship title once again.

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Power the heat with Dwyane Wade on the Power Plate Machine

The star of Miami Heat Dwyane Wade has been scoring high when it comes to his training routine. The American NBA player has been empowering the courts with his giant strides and high-flying throws thanks to his dedicated training on the vibration plate.

In college, Dwyane weighed only 175lbs and looked pint sized in comparison to some of the leading bulky basket ball players. After incorporating a grueling workout routine and incorporating acceleration training into his regime he soon grew to 205 lbs, putting on 30 lbs of pure muscle mass.

Power Plate Fitness not only ensures that Dwyane optimizes his performance on the basket ball court but also develops power and strength and increases flexibility and endurance.

Now Dwyane Wade is one of the leading basket ball players in the world. Check out the NBA player Powering his work out below

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Power Plate Machines play behind the scenes role in Invictus

Yay! Invictus, finally hits the cinema this Friday, after reading so many great reviews over the last two weeks you can bet I’ll be first in the queue to see the lovely Matt Damon and co running up and down the rugby pitch with their Power Plate toned bodies! :P

On a more serious note, the film directed by Clint Eastwood, tells the story of Nelson Mandela’s attempt to use the 1995 Rugby World Cup to unite post-apartheid South Africa.  Both Morgan Freeman – who plays Nelson Mandela – and Matt Damon have been nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for this year’s Oscars.

So how did the actors manage to pull off looking like Rugby Gods from the ‘Stade de France’ calendar? And what role did Power Plate play exactly? Well, Grant Roberts, celebrity trainer and actor in the movie, got them all playing full tilt rugby every day, all day! To keep their muscles from getting sore and their bodies functioning, the cast used Power Plate machines on a daily basis before and after rugby training. Even director Clint Eastwood joined in. Well, he’s been a fan of Power Plate for years!