The Secret of Workout Weaves

Every year for Christmas I buy myself new workout gear. It’s inevitable that my New Year resolution will be to work out more, and with the new gear I’m always excited to get started. That’s why I was so interested to chat with Leo, Director of Brazilian active wear company Brasilfit. I asked him a few questions about the features of great workout gear and ways to get the most from your exercise attire.

What should you look for when buying workout gear?

Great workout clothing is a combination of great design, a good fit, and excellence in performance. You should make sure that the clothes that you buy are both durable and comfortable. The best way to achieve this is to find a brand of workout clothing that produces quality garments. I would also recommend that you consider the technical features you may need – for example, if you are a runner, try and find clothing specifically for running as they will be designed to improve performance and comfort. Similarly for cycling or aerobics – there are many options out there!

There are a lot of different technologies built into workout gear these days – thermodynamics, compression, memory, etc. Why is this?

Many industries, including the textile industry, are taking advantage of new technology available to create better products for their customers. The latest for our industry is the development of more ‘intelligent’ fabrics – those that are comfortable, flexible and particular. Because of the production of these fabrics, companies such as Brasilfit are using these most recent innovations when manufacturing active wear.

What are the benefits of buying workout clothing specifically for the type of exercise you are doing, such as yoga or running?

You can compare it to buying a new pair of sports shoes. If you tailor the style and make of workout gear to the exercise you are doing, you will find you get better performance, comfort and results!

What are your top 3 pieces of workout clothing?

For me, the best workout gear would be shorts, singlets and socks. These three pieces of clothing can always make a huge difference in your performance and enjoyment of exercise. Depending on what sport you are using them for, these three items can also help make your workout more comfortable by helping with temperature control and monitor the environment (indoor vs outdoor sports).

Leo is the Director of Brasilfit – active wear for fitness, leisure and lifestyle. Drawing on fashion, motivation and technology from thei bases in Sydney and Rio de Janeiro, Brasilfit brings you active wear to suit every moment of your life. From a grinding workout, to a stroll in the park, to your ‘day to day’ and comfort wear, Brasilfit has a style to suit you.

Every garment from their always available basics range to their seasonal collections is tailored for style, durability and comfort using a blend of natural materials and advanced fabric innovation such as Supplex ®, Bodytech, Amni and Bamboo. These materials feature structural and thermodynamic properties to give you support, wick away moisture and keep you dry and cool all year round.
Best of all, Brasilfit is letting Power Plate fans in on an amazing offer. By entering ‘POWER PLATE’ at the checkout, you can enjoy 10% off all full priced brasilfit items! May we recommend the tights? They are incredible for your Power Plate workout!
Just visit www.brasilfit.com and browse their online store. Happy shopping!