Say Goodbye to that Mum-Tum for Good with Power Plate

With the impending birth of my first baby I thought I’d make my last Power Plate blog (before I go off on maternity leave) about shaping up post-pregnancy. And with many celebrity mums about to go through the same process, such as Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson and Sienna Miller as well as Beyonce and Jennifer Garner who have just given birth, I thought this might be quite topical.

Whilst a new baby brings happiness and joy, it can also comes with an unwanted ‘mummy tummy.’ Secretly we all hope that our stomach muscles will miraculously go back to the way they were pre-pregnancy, but sadly this isn’t always the case.

Unlike our celebrity counterparts, no new mum has hours to spare at the gym, which is why Power Plate can be the ideal solution. In just 25 minutes you can complete a full body work out, making it a time-effective option for busy new mums.

Power Plate has even developed a post-natal programme. Combining the technology of the Power Plate machine with the expertise of Jenny Burrell, a post natal fitness expert with 10 years experience, the programme recognises that time-pressed mums need a fitness regime that reflects their real life demands.

Designed to re-sculpt the body, both inside and out, and placing particular emphasis on rebuilding strength in the deep abdominal muscles that often become over-stretched during pregnancy, Jenny also emphasises the importance of restoring lumbopelvic stability, (balance in and correct length of the pelvic muscles) so mums can stay active and pain free!

So whether you’re about to become a yummy mummy, or you still have some extra weight that you’re struggling to get rid of, why not give Power Plate training a go and say goodbye to that mum-tum for good.

The Power Plate® Post Natal Programme is available at selected Power Plate studios across London. For more information contact 020 7317 5000, or visit