Power Plate and Rodial collaborate to bring you the ultimate “Summer Sculpt” Program

To get your 2012 bikini body off to a great start, Power Plate has teamed up with award winning skincare brand Rodial to create the perfect beach body preparation package.

Already acknowledged as weapons in the fight against cellulite, both brands are supported by research and work on the same targeted principle, with the goal of achieving a smoother, sleeker silhouette.

The “Summer Sculpt” program which has been developed by Power Plate combines a full body Acceleration Training™ class with Rodial’s body care range, to offer long-lasting results in record time.

The 25 minute Power Plate “Summer Sculpt” classes include a series of high intensity, dynamic exercises to give you a full body work-out, combined with a five minute regime specifically designed to focus on the common problem areas of arms, bust or tummy. Results can be enhanced further by combining your Acceleration Training sessions with an active Rodial skincare regime using body products every morning and evening to help redefine your figure.

So if your bust needs a boost, why not add a little lift to your décolletage with Rodial’s targeted Boob Job cream which, if applied daily, could help increase bust by up to half a cup size over time. Or perhaps it’s the troublesome tummy you want to shape up? You could try Rodial’s best seller, Tummy Tuck to help tighten your torso. If it’s the dreaded bingo wings that need to be banished, opt for Arm Sculpt to help smooth away orange-peel skin.

To unwrap your perfect bikini body with confidence this summer, try the combination of Rodial body sculpting products and regular Power Plate exercise.

Power Plate Summer Sculpt classes are available at selected studios in London from April 2012. For more information contact Power Plate on 0207 317 5000 or visit www.powerplate.com/uk
Rodial products are available from www.Rodial.co.uk