From Personal Trainer to Master Trainer

Guest blogger: We caught up with Power Plate Master Trainer Louise Dear for an insight into what it takes for Personal Trainers to become Power Plate Master Trainers.

Tell us about why you visited Madrid on behalf of Power Plate this month?

I went to train 15 of the best personal trainers from Holmes Place health and fitness clubs. These 15 committed individuals were chosen to become Power Plate Master Trainers and Ambassadors in Iberia. They all brought with them huge amounts of knowledge and displayed a high level of professionalism and passion for the job. It was great to work with such a dynamic group of professional trainers – they were all in great shape too!

As I love travelling, getting to do so for work and meet truly dedicated fitness professionals from other countries, is a real bonus. My colleague Steve Powell (Key Account Manager), also visited Portugal this month to set up and facilitate the same training for a group of Master Trainers there, and reports that he was also impressed with the same enthusiasm for his training course.

Can you tell us what it takes to qualify to become a Master Trainer and Ambassador for Power Plate?

Power Plate Master Trainers take part in a thorough training process which equips them with the skills and knowledge to present the Level 1 Fundamentals course to fellow Personal Trainers across Iberia. This comprehensive training ensures that the members of Holmes Place health clubs get the best possible experience on Power Plate from fully qualified fitness professionals who really know their stuff.
During the training week, each potential Master Trainer had to demonstrate to us that they could present both theory and practical Power Plate course content. They also stay in touch with us via Skype and webex afterwards, so we can continue to ensure high standards and consistency in the delivery of education.

And what’s the next step for these Master Trainers and what can Spain and Portugal expect from Power Plate?

Now that these new Master Trainers have passed the grade, they are able to certify their own trainers internally, thus sharing a high standard of education and teaching across Iberia for Holmes Place.
As a fitness brand, Holmes Place are authorised by the government as the preferred fitness provider, and their trainers are entrusted to maintain an incredibly high standard within their clubs.

Many of the Personal Trainers have already been working with the Power Plate pro5 for years, and so they were excited to see the pro6 with proMOTION™ technology arrive in their clubs. As you can see from the videos and photos, they loved the dynamic cables as it gives them so many more exercise options to add to their clients’ repertoire. The cables provide the ability to move in three planes of motion whilst also working the upper body dynamically with vibration. To promote the arrival of the pro6, Holmes Place will be running 10-15 min ‘IMPACT’ classes called POWERVIBE to showcase the new machines to the members.

Take a look at some of the innovative and dynamic range of exercises our Spanish and Portugal trainers performed on the Power Plate machines here. Will you try any yourself?