The elderly power up

Think Power Plate is just for the young and fit? Think again. A care scheme for the elderly in Evesham Worcestershire has turned to Power Plate to help its residents stay active and mobile.

In 2010, a Power Plate pro5™ machine was installed at Yates Court, a scheme owned by Extracare Charitable Trust and now, around one third of its residents are using it regularly.

Yates Court Wellbeing Nurse, Tessa McDonald, recognised the benefits of Power Plate after it helped with her daughter’s rehabilitation following an accident. Since installing the pro5, there have been similar success stories at Yates Court, with one wheelchair-bound patient now being able to walk short distances after regular sessions on the vibration training device.

Power Plate technology is suitable for all levels of ability and can therefore benefit any care scheme resident – whether they are able to use the machine independently, or need assistance from trained staff.
Such success stories further support scientific studies which focus on improving Balance and Mobility.
These studies have found that whole body vibration training can help with postural control in healthy older adults; making this an effective and accessible option for nursing home residents.