Challange: Work Out Like An Olympian For One Month

I love the Olympics. Every Games I think about how I won’t really watch any of it (being a generally non-sporty type of person) and yet it’s always me who ends up using the line of ‘Sorry – gotta dash – I have to get home in time to watch the swimming / tennis / gymnastics / water polo!’ My friends even stop asking me to come out with them during the Olympics – all I talk about is the Games.

Now I’ve taken it just that one step further.

Power Plate my7

This year I donned my tights, sneakers and terry-towelling headband and decided to work out like an Olympian for one month using the new Power Plate my7™ machine. You see, the my7 has a great feature where you can choose what kind of program you want to work out with. You can choose whether to Look Better, Feel Better, or Play Better. And for one month, I chose to Play Better.

Within the Play Better category there are a plethora of workouts specifically designed to strengthen, relax or stretch out certain muscle groups that are associated with certain sports or activities. So, for example, my first selection was a ‘Swimming’ program. You can find an example of it here (I posted it up so you could try it at home or at the gym on your own Power Plate machine!).

I became a dedicated Power Plate athlete – some days I was a swimmer, other times a tennis player, or a skier (not technically a Summer Olympics sport but seeing that it’s Winter in Australia I figured it was justified), or a marathon runner, or a cyclist, or a synchronised swimmer (lots of yoga moves in this one.)

Although I’m nowhere near Olympian status or fitness, after a month I’ve noticed an amazing difference in doing daily activities. Holding my friends’ children for long periods of time is a lot easier, and when I’m chasing the neighbour’s dog down the street I can run further before getting puffed out. My partner and I have started hiking at local parks and now the weather is warming up I don’t think I’ll mind a dip at the pool.

One month of Power Plate training fit for an athlete. Why not give it a try?