Top Tips to Get You Ready for Summer!

Summer is well on the way in the Southern Hemisphere, but what’s the best way to climb out of your winter habits? Fitness and wellbeing expert (and Power Plate Master Trainer) Amanda Boyle shares her top tips for springing into Summer!

1. Climb out of your winter hibernation! Start by doing a little bit of exercise and increase the amount you do every day to build up your fitness levels. Also try incorporating incidental exercise into your way – take the stairs, or get off the bus one stop earlier. The small things add up – but don’t let them replace proper exercise. It’s all about building up your exercise tolerance!

2. Start eating lighter meals with less starchy carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables – your body will thank you for it!

3. Buy a book that inspires you. I would recommend “Clean and Lean – Flat Tummy Fast” by James Duigan and “Accidently Overweight” by Dr Libby Weaver. These two books are really inspirational to be personally and help keep me on track with my own exercise and health.

4. Start keeping a food diary so you can be honest about what you’re eating. After a couple of days, step back and take a look at what you’re eating and play around with your options. Do you NEED that 3pm chocolate bar? Or could you replace in with a handful of almonds?

5. Try a detox to balance out your sugar levels and alkaline your body. There are some great detoxes available on the market which makes it really easy. It’s a great way to start the new, healthy summer you!


International Power Plate Master Trainer Amanda Boyle has over 15 years’experience in sports conditioning, fitness education, health club management,personal training and lifestyle coaching throughout Australia, Asia and the UK.Amanda has trained sporting teams such as the Tigers NRL team, Olympic swimmer Andrew Lauterstein, the Great Britain Ski Team and UK Premier LeagueFootball Clubs.