Healthy Body. Healthy Skin.

Power Plate, the leaders in vibration training, have teamed up with the best in professional skin care, Dermalogica, to show how skin health and fitness is not just a luxury for those with plenty of time but an achievable necessity for everyone!

The partnership between our two brands was a natural one. Dermalogica skincare is build on a philosophy of a no-nonsense approach to skincare on the belief that good skin is not about pampering but results-driven products. With over 25 years devoted to developing products, education and treatments, Dermalogica’s skin care range has been developed with the assistance of expert chemists who are dedicated to creating industry-first products containing revolutionary ingredients for maximum efficacy.

Quite simply, this means your skin can experience real treatments, real answers, real products, and real results! Both brands are serious, results-driven brands that under promise and over-deliver, every time.

Last month Power Plate Australia and Dermalogica teamed up to host the first Healthy Body, Health Skin seminar in Sydney. The event, hosted at the Dermalogica Head Office, gave attendees the chance to experience Power Plate equipment and take part in an interactive body therapy workshop, where they learnt how to improve and prevent cellulite and ageing directly from the skincare experts.

The evening also gave attendees the opportunity to experience a specialised Power Plate workout to complement beautiful skin – giving you beauty on the inside and out.

In light of the event, our education team at Power Plate Australia have put together a specialised Skin Saavy program which gives you a great Power Plate workout while focusing on toning, circulation, and banishing cellulite. You can download a copy of the program by visiting our website.

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