Winter Warmers

It’s December and as Jack Frost starts to rears his head – the colder weather sets in. So we’ve pulled together our five top tips for staying toasty this winter.

1. Layer Up
Layering your clothing is a great way to cope with changes in temperature, when moving between indoors and outdoors. Choose something comfortable and breathable, such as thermal cotton, for your first layer. Then opt for a heavier layer, such as your favourite wool jumper, which will help trap air to keep you insulated against the cold. Finally, choose a heavy outer layer, such as a padded waterproof jacket, for your final layer, to help trap the insulated air.

2. Kitchen Spa
Spices such as ginger, cayenne and mustard are all very warming – try some ginger tea to warm you up after a brisk walk in the cold, or add a tablespoon of these spices to your bath water. This home spa recipe is especially effective if you are suffering from a cold, as it can help to clear the nasal passages.

3. Fit Tip
It can be difficult in the face of miserable weather and the lure of the party season, but maintaining your exercise regime during the winter months is a great way to beat winter bugs. Regular exercise, either at home or at the gym, can help to improve circulation and boost body temperature, and is even associated with maintaining a more robust immune system.

4. Feel The Buzz
Dry skin brushing can be a great way to improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Another option is to try a quick burst of daily massage using the Power Plate machine. Studies show that this can provide an instant increase in skin blood flow, so why not feel the buzz yourself this winter?

5. Seasonal treats
Root vegetables such as potatoes, squash, carrots and parsnips are at their best during winter, so cook up a storm by including plenty of these in nourishing soups, stews and casseroles. It’s not only nutritionally beneficial to eat seasonally, it is also more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly!